BadPuppy – Petr Plodner and Peter Andre

Petr Plodner walks up on Peter Andre sitting by the desk in the hotel room. Petr walks over and begins kissing Peter on the back of the neck. As he kisses him; Petr pulls Peter’s chair back, spins him around and begins kissing his face and rubbing his hands up and down Peter’s chest. Reaching down, Petr feels something growing in Peter’s pants and loosens them allowing Peter’s stiffening manhood out of its confines. Kneeling down Petr goes to work on Peter’s cock giving him quite the suck job; rotating between sucking his cock and licking his balls. Peter stands up and directs Petr over to the bed where Petr drops his pants and I think Peter might have been in a little bit of shock at the size of Petr’s cock. Hard as rocks our two young studs climb into the bed and Peter swallows every inch of Petr’s thick and very hard penis. Well, at least he tries to completely swallow it. Rolling over and kneeling on the bed, Peter gives his ass to Petr. Petr climbs in behind and he slowly starts pushing his huge cock into Peter’s ass. With a few moans as his ass stretches, Peter feels every inch of Petr’s cock driving ever deeper. After a few minutes of some good ass pounding Peter lies down on the bed, pulls his legs back and Petr shoves his cock deep into Peter again where he pounds Peter’s ass mercilessly until Peter takes his cock in his hands and blows a thick load of jizz all over his hand, cock and balls. All the while Petr keeps pounding Peter’s ass until he pulls his thick cock out and squirts his cum all over Peter’s ass.

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