Cadinot / French Art – Classe de Neige

Every character in Class De Neige behaves with uninhibited glee, turning sexuality into the ultimate proof of innocence as Cadinot focuses on humour, curiosity and social equality as the elements of his main theme. Five scenes represent a single day at a mountain lodge where two instructors are teaching an assortment of eight youths how to ski. Pascal Duvey, the youthful blond from Le Jeu De Pistes (Scouts 2), is the boy of a wealthy man who has been made to attend the classes in order to mix with the sons of common workers. However, rather than learn to ski, he gets free sexual lessons as he observes all manner of encounters throughout the lodge. Scene after scene of couplings between the instructors and the boys follow, before the finale where Duvey's seven classmates engage in a condom battle and an orgy of fucking and sucking. When Duvey expresses his disgust, they get revenge by shaving his pubic hair. Instructor Ducko Dragon rescues the outraged victim, and offers to share his bed. As Dragon feigns sleep, Duvey blows him and masturbates to prove he has learned a lot more than he cares to admit. A classic Cadinot dvd, Classe De Neige was originally released in 1985 and was known as Ski Fever in the USA.

A bevy of French teens go off to a cabin in the Alps with a few older men (in the twenties) to learn how to ski. And in between their lessons, they covert sexually with each other as well as their well hung teachers. While all of this sexual activity goes on, a bespectacled blond youth just wants to read his philosophy books and be left alone, that is until the others gang up on him and have their way! Some of the sex scenes are classics including a hot voyeur scene and a condom playing, cock sucking/fucking orgy at the end. Some of the youths are exceptional handsome. Oh, and they all learn how to ski!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:18:15
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Audio: 120kbps

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