Oriental Babysitter (1976)

Description: A working mother and her two daughters lead active, varied sex lives.

One of ’s best early roles is the title role in ‘Oriental Babysitter,’ a sizzling sexual tour-de-force that showcases Linda in a variety of lusty scenarios & situations.

If you’re a Linda Wong fan–and what even remotely heterosexual male in his right mind wouldn’t be?–this is the film for you. This one made her reputation, and you can see why. She’s never looked better or been more enthusiastic. She is so incredibly sultry and fiery you can’t keep your eyes off her. This was made during the “Golden Age of Porn”, and one look at this film will tell you why that term is entirely justified. It was shot in 35mm, had a good (for a porn film) budget, and it took care to show off Linda to her best advantage–and boy, does it ever; the woman is, plain and simple, a goddess. If you’ve never seen a Linda Wong film, this is the one to start with. If you’re already a Linda aficionado, then you know how good it is. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Starring: (as Connie Peters), Linda Wong, (as Mary Quint), (as David Brook), (as Fred Anton), (as Henry Fletcher), , (as Robert Stones)



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