Raging Stallion – Latin Jocks

"Latin Jocks" never says what sports any of its jocks play, but it's not important. They all know the rules of sex and that's all that matters here!
Though beefy Andre Gaucho looks a little bewildered when first encountered, his playmate, adorable spikey-haired brunet Felix Stuhlbach, knows exactly what to do. He pushes his mate flat on the bed and gives him a naked massage. Once Andre is oiled and relaxed literally from head to toe, Felix works to get his cock hard by sucking it. Felix has a good mouth, able to take more than half of Andre's meaty piece. Felix genially puts a condom on Andre and then sinks to all-fours to get fucked. Now Andre finally seems less dazed. As Felix backs up on him, he pushes nice and hard into Felix, slapping at the asscheeks for some extra cheer. Andre actually gets better as the time goes on, but with a bottom as willing as Felix, its makes his job so much sweeter. Both cum on Felix's shaved stomach and then fall to the bed in sweaty exhaustion.
The second scene also starts with some rather fraternal help. Gill, a hunky short-haired guy with mocha skin, is stretching Adriano Rodrigues, a spirited tattooed brunet. They then reverse so that Gill can be stretched before Adriano gives Gill a massage. Adriano doesn't waste too much time getting to Gill's mammoth thick dick, which he sucks passionately. Gill, also wonderfully inked, submits to Adriano's heaving blowjob and even fingers his own ass while it happens. Adriano's tongue is then unleashed on Gill's hairy butt for a spiffy rimming. Just when it seemed Adriano was going to do all the work, Gill turns in a blowjob. It's filled with spit and a helpful hand and it keeps Adriano moaning. Both cum, Gill even eating his own, and then they seductively shower together.
A change in the action brings us a solo with Andre Morais, a cute pale-skinned brunet sorting army fatigues and pooch tags. He has a beautiful toned body, hairless and oiled to show it off. After grinding around for a while, the pants are lost, with Adriano teasing now only in boots. He first shows only his ass, but he gets around to his dick, which is a giant one, curved, thick and veined. This solo is more about drooling over Andre completely, top to bottom, and only at the end does he pump himself into cumming.
Twin heartthrobs Daniel and Kaio Castro are a dreamy couple. Kaio is the more muscular of the two, with one pierced nipple and loads of ink, while Daniel is reedier and more reserved. Kaio is hard before he even starts to lick around Daniel's body, staying hard as he sucks Daniel and tries to get him just as erect. His knowing mouth makes that happen post haste. Daniel becomes livelier when he rims Kaio's delicious ass. The bulbous cheeks hide a tight hairless hole that takes Daniel's fingering easily. A dildo is handled just as well. However, after all the time spent on Kaio's hole, the two switch places so Kaio can munch Daniel's ass. With some fingering, it seems that Kaio wants to fuck Daniel badly, but the action turns again so that Kaio is hammered. Daniel is at his best here, speedy and quite domineering plugging Kaio. Kaio is a terrific bottom, even though the fuck time is minimal. Strangely, it's only when Kaio goes back to filling up with the dildo that both can cum.
Davyd and Poax are another fantasy couple. Both have outstanding ripped bodies. Poax has darker skin and shorter hair, while Davyd is handsome as hell! These two really know how to play sporting types, flexing in competition, arm wrestling and then fully wrestling in just their tight undies. Poax blows Davyd first, and it's one heck of a big stiffy! It's tough for Poax to handle, but he sure is dedicated to trying. Even though he can only suck the head, it looks hot, and he even does it upside down with Davyd lowering his dick into Poax's mouth. Poax finger-fucks Davyd, who then gets to flick his tongue around Poax's asshole. Massive Davyd tops Poax, and what I expected to be a tight fit turns out to be a graceful easy blast for Davyd. He can get fully inside Poax, but also with speed and a ceaseless rhythm. Poax rides Davyd, which isn't as dynamic, but is just as deep. It doesn't even end there. Davyd and Poax still have energy enough for missionary and sideways fucks until Davyd loudly cums on Poax's neck.
The final scene starts with Allan White, a darker-skinned lean hottie, playing a game with Jay Long, a tattooed guy with black hair. Each time someone loses, he has to doff a piece of clothing, but that's a welcome sight for the viewer. Jay is naked first, but by the way he keeps touching his dick, I think he's happy with that. The games finally over, the two come together for some kissing and then Jay sucks a very appreciative Allan. Allen doesn't harden easily, but when he sucks Jay, Jay has no problem in that department. The sucking is over quickly so Jay can use his tongue in Allan's ass for a second before fucking him. They sure did race to the anal section! Jay is a pretty rowdy top. Allan is tight, but Jay is full of sass, so he forges ahead and it's in their more unlikely positions that Jay has the smoothest time. A bounce on the window sill has Allan at his friskiest. Jay screws Allan in every possible position before they both have grand explosions.

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