StepSiblings – Danni Rivers & Rosalyn Sphinx (Switching Up Sexy Stepsister)

Are you a fan of overly obvious sexual innuendo? Well, Dani Rivers and Rosalyn Sphinx are. These stepsisters cant help but make jokes about nuts while eating their snacks. At least they have good hygienic practices. They brush their teeth and then take a stepsisterly rest together, tops off of course. Later on, Dani hatches an ingenious scheme. She’s been fooling around with a guy recently, and since everyone is always calling Dani and Rosalyn twins, she thinks they should do a switch up on him…Dani sucks with youth and vigor, but our stud doesn’t notice a thing as Rosalyn’s her and begins to enthusiastically choke on his chode. He catches on soon enough, and the stepsisters are busted. They start making out instead of trying to use words to explain, and our stud understands right away. They head upstairs and go for a wild romp on the bed. Our stud fucks them like a stallion while they 69 each other into euphoria. Finally, he busts a nut and they lick if off each other. Now there’s a couple girls working together for the greater good. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!



4 months ago

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