Studio 2000 – The Hotspot

The Hotspot is Studio 2000's latest release and man, oh, man, will you release over and over again watching it. This sexual sizzler takes place in a friendly gay bar where all the patrons ogle the humpy bartender and are only too willing to shoot the breeze, shoot a game of pool and shoot their loads. In what has become a Studio 2000 tradition, this tale is a potent mix of familiar faces and knockout newcomers. Studio 2000 knows that you want hot new meat and they have really delivered the goods in The Hotspot. Playing the bartender whom everyone wants a piece of is first-timer Dean Markham. This heroically handsome brunet has it all--muscular arms, perfectly pumped pecs, a fat cock which rises to every occasion and a bodacious bubblebutt. All this plus sexual versatility equals the perfect package. Matching him inch for inch, with the added bonus of foreskin for days, is Hispanic hottie Alec Martinez. Added to these two are fan favorites big-dicked brunet Anthony Cox, platinum porn pup Mark Rockwell, and Studio 2000 stalwart Richie Fine. New boys about the bar include big boned Brett Wilde, bountiful Brad Benton, and blond bottom Adam Winter.
The action begins innocently enough with the patrons hangin' and cruisin'. In short order Mark Rockwell and Brett Wilde retire to a pick-up truck in the woods to get better acquainted. And they succeed. Lots of kissing leads to cuddly Wilde taking a tongue trip over every inch of Rockwell's randy regions. You will love the attempts Rockwell makes to deep-throat Wilde's huge hose, which is much more than a mouthful. Rockwell turns his rapt attention to Wilde's ridable rump fingering and rimming it in preparation for the inevitable fuck. You will thrill to Rockwell screwing Wilde first missionary in the truck and later doggie style on the ground. Rockwell pulls out and pulls off and Wilde blows a lava-like load.
Back at the bar, barback Richie Fine picks up valley boy Brad Benton and they head for an adjacent alley. Fine boldly pulls down Benton's briefs and dives on his dong with determination. The entire scene is a cocksuckers delight as the two studlets devour each other's dick meat and finally settle into a scrumptious sixty-nine. Just to keep things fair, both take a shot at topping one another with Fine once again proving his power as a butt banger. There is no corner of the alley that is left unexplored by these two sexperts and their cum shots are wild and wet.
We return to the bar just in time to witness slick Anthony Cox swooping up Adam Winter and taking him to his hotel room for some private prick play. Winter slobbers and sucks Cox's colossal cock and Cox shows his gratitude by tasting Winter's woody and tongue fucking his hole. Of course, and you would have it no other way, Cox mounts Winter and rides him like a bucking bronco all over the bed until both splash their spooge.
It is now time for new discovery Dean Markham to strut his stuff and strut it he does. Alec Martinez asks direction to the bathroom and Markham, in a blaze of white light, boldly and nakedly follows him. The next shot is a close-up of Markham's super schlong plopping into Martinez's waiting mouth. Martinez takes every inch offered sucking with total abandon and Markham is the consummate pro when he takes his turn inhaling Martinez's uncut pole. All the while, four unbilled performers watch and jack their joints. (It is suspected that one of the voyeurs is Thomas Lloyd). As the action escalates, Markham rams his rod up Martinez's asshole and screws him all over the place to the delight of the meat beating on-lookers. Newcomer Markham proves that he can takes as well as he can give as he stretches across the sink and offer up his butthole for Martinez. The erotic antics culminate in six gigantic loads of guy gravy.
The Hotspot is directed by omni-present Derek Kent who never misses an opportunity to place his camera in the center of this festival of flesh and flash. Studio 2000, as always, makes everyone look like glossy glam-gods. If you are looking for all of the above, with the added bonus of dazzling newcomer Dean Markham, then you gotta take a trip to The Hotspot

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