Behind the Green Door (1972)

Starring: , George S. MacDonald , , , , , .

Description: One of the three films, which became the foundation of a multi-million porn industry (the other two – “Deep Throat” and “The Devil in Miss Jones”). Marilyn Chambers to elevate the status of the new icons explicit films “Behind the Green Door” became one of the first films that openly proclaimed the sexual revolution and a new lifestyle. The very name has become synonymous with Chambers in the American lexicon and retains that status for more than thirty years. || Short story: Two men sitting in a roadside cafe. Bored owner gets them talking. After a couple of jokes on duty, a visitor decides to tell about the extraordinary adventure of his life. So begins a long history, full of mysteries and nedogovorok … orgy involving mysterious masked women, abductions and disappearances, kooky time and offenses carrying the death – all find a place in the history told by the cafe. But she will stop at the most unexpected place, and no amount of persuasion will not keep continue its storyteller …


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