Chocolate CHIPS (1988)

Starring: , , , , , , ,

Description: What do two black dudes do when they want to make it with some white chicks? The raunchy, racy answer lies within “Chocolate Chips,” a video that breaks the color barrier with anything-and-everything-goes sex action. First our heroes try the old photography studio scheme and try to ensnare their bait with promises of modeling stardom. The ruse works until the “models” find that the only thing the two studs can deliver is the tripods between their legs. Their white friend passes along his tips–but marital bliss is not on their want list. Finally they got it! Disguising themselves as highway patrol officers, complete with rented, official looking motorcycles, they station themselves along a rarely traveled road. Soon they find their victims. Beautiful, blonde babes going too slow on a fast road, too fast on a slow road, or just behaving suspiciously. They offer their “prisoners” a choice between tickets and/or jail or . . . And you can guess what happens next. The girls get off easy–the guys get off even easier–and you get off with the most arousing and satisfying time ever spent before a VCR. “Hot and saucy interracial erotica – guaranteed to POP your cookies!”


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