Female Aggressors (1986)

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Description: Four girlfriends reminisce in humorous fashion about their favorite sexual escapades. Four fraternity guys kidnap their new hunky pledge and leave him tied up, blindfolded and naked in front of the sorority house. Julie and her two lusty sorority sisters welcome him in. Tracy, who works as a nurse at the doctor’s office, first shaves her hunky patient “downstairs” and then proceeds to seduce him right then and there. Pervy Sarah seduces her virgin younger brother Lawrence and his equally virgin best friend Paul for an incestuous threesome. Competitive Cathy has a fight with her male wrestling partner, after humiliating him in self-defense class, which turns into a session of rough sex. After the girls finish their stories, Cathy brings in a surprise – their own hunky sex slave, who proceeds to joyfully pleasure all the ladies, save for Julie, who turns to her favorite sex toy – a vibrator.


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