Forbidden Fruit (1986)

Starring: , , , , , , , , Dominique Saint Claire

Description: AKA Le Fruit Defendu/The Seduction of Tessa. Arnaud Milton, a renowned fashion photographer flees to a quiet French village to put his life back together after his beloved girlfriend Laura was killed in a car accident he blames himself for. His publisher Patricia tries to relive him of his pain but all Milton sees during their intercourse is Laura’s face. His next door neighbor in the village is creepy Emile, a farmer who plans to run against the town’s mayor, but has one serious flaw – he likes to force himself on women, especially his female farm hands. One of them, an Asian girl they call the Wild Cherry but whose real name is Tessa, whom Emile forced to pretend to be his niece, decides to run away after one rape too many. Meanwhile, a group of horny models shows up to do a photo session with Milton. Two of them make a bet that whoever wins their private little bubble bath contest gets to seduce Milton (and as it turns out the other girl). Meanwhile, Emil stalks the models in the woods to rape them. Tessa sees this but …


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