Good Girls, Bad Girls (1984)

Starring: , , , , ,

Description: When She Was Good, She Was Very, Very Good… But When She Was Bad, She Was Great! The beautiful, sensual and legendary Velva is suddenly discovered to be the victim of foul play. As we begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding her fate, a disturbing pattern of erotic excess begins to appear. In scene after arousing scene, we witness, in close-up intimacy, the sexual encounter she enjoyed. It’s all here… the super-charged studs and the lustful, wanton women whose only thrill was newer and wilder forms of orgasmic satisfactions. Hers was a life of unending pleasures, an unparalleled succession of satin sheets and soft willing flesh throbbing at the touch of anticipated ecstasy. And why would anyone want to remove Velva? Only the surprise ending of “Good Girl, Bad Girl” will tell!



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