Hardgore (1974)

Starring: , , , , , ,

Description: Hardgore/Horror Whore is a curious mixture between hardcore porn and gore movie, filmed in the , when the film makers still had inspirations and a sense for the grotesque. The story is about a young girl who’s taken to a private clinic where the female patients are forced to take part at satanic sex orgies. However, afterwards they all get killed violently by the doctors and the attendants… Indeed a strange flick, but interesting to watch and very entertaining! The whole film has sometimes a very psychedelic feeling, like a trip on drugs, and director Michael Hugo did a great job with creating a nightmarish atmosphere! Especially the dream-sequence when the main actresses is fizzed all over with the sperm of three rocket dicks is the climax of the whole film! And such nasty killing scenes like an orgasm-beheading or a cut off dick enhance Hardgore over the usual porn standard and bring it almost on the level of a Joe D’Amato movie! This gem is really hard to find, but Something Weird Video features it in its freaky catalogue… So if you like your stuff nasty, disturbing and sleazy check out this flick whenever you’ve got the chance!!!



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