Indecent Itch (1986)

Starring: , , , , , (as Kathlyn Moore), , , , , , , ,

Description: Stunning new starlet Brittany Stryker dances alone, withdrawn from the frustration of relationships. Her constant masturbation is her one escape. This bittersweet solitude is broken by the intrusion of old friends. The taunts and teasing of her promiscuous friends drive her to have nightmares of her masturbation fantasy, having each of her holes filed with a vibrating pink dildo, the cold piece of plastic to which she’s addicted. She is left empty and begging for the real thing, which she gets when three young studs replace the cold plastic with the hot pulsating real thing, all three of them at once! In the midst of her struggle, and the constant partying (Wesson oil and all!) of her friends, Brittany somehow finds what she really wants.


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