Lies Of Passion (1992)

Starring: , , , , , , , , Taylor Wayne

Description: A plot functions as the setting for an entire slew of blistering boffs. The narrative revolves round Victoria Paris along with her hunt for Mr. Right. And contrasts. And contrasts. There is absolutely no method to pull all of the plot threads together brief distance, nor will there be some justification to take to. The main reason isn’t to share with a few complicated, persuasive story except presenting a few of the most popular talents in most of their bra breaking glory. Victoria are on very top of her match, delving into all manner of mischief with the fervent aplomb that characterizes a lot of her job. It has Victoria’s openness to jump the most steamy, rawest scenarios which left her a superstar, although her human body really is something of pornography beauty. Also available for that is Tiffany Million, the former female wrestler who turned one of those swinginest sirens in the spectacle. A breathtakingly performance is delivered by tiffany. Insert from the eye sweater cushions of Taylor Wayne, Nina Suave and Raven and also you’ve found the makings of some stand out hardcore feature. Which is what that one is. A wonderful way to catch up to a few of your faves of the past.



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