Love You to Death (1971)

Starring: Michael Clark, Maria Arnold, James Haynie, William Weeks, Allister Satana, Mark Haber, Vinnie Hardin, George S. McDonald, Joey Silvera, Kathy Conn, David Peleg, Mary Rexroth, Roxanne Thun, Edsel Ford Fong, Charles Goode

Description: AKA Cozy Cool. A grizzled San Francisco reporter recounts his epic manuscript: the tale of two crime families vying for control of the Bay Area. A peace accord is struck, but when Cozy, the out of control son of the boss, steps up to take control it threatens the whole operation with bloodshed. Enter Irma (Maria Aronoff); a slick hit woman who likes to fuck and suck her victims before finishing them off! But with Cozy in her sights (and between her legs), Irma may just have a change of heart. Will she finish her mission or fall for her target?



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