Memories Within Miss Aggie (1974)

Starring: , , , , , , , Ralph , , ,

Description: In a secluded farmhouse in snow-bound Pennsylvania sometime in the ‘thirties, an aging Miss Aggie (Deborah Ashira) describes to a companion (Patrick L. Farrelly) a series of youthful sensual experiences, with her character played in each case by a different actress. Played by a young blond Kim Pope, she chooses to lose her virginity with Eric Edwards in a sequence notable for its extended, carefully observed foreplay. Edwards then visits a whore (Darby Lloyd Raines) who inflames him with a long episode of masturbation. And finally a girl (Mary Stuart), having excited herself by masturbating with a small doll, seduces a delivery man (Harry Reems). After each recollection, Richard questions Aggie’s veracity. It’s finally revealed that she is insane. The Richard to whom she speaks is the ghost of her first and only lover, whom she murdered when he threatened to leave her. Now, PSYCHO-like, his corpse shares the lonely house with her, a truly captive audience for her erotic ramblings.



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