Naughty Network (1981)

Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,

Description: A real blast from the past, this 1981 sexvid features some of the most deliriously delectable dream girls of the early hardcore video era. It is basically a collection of lascivious loops that are tied together via an ingenious plot device. Set at TV station WHAC-TV, the first porn network, it consists of clips of each of the network programs, which are then commented on by the station manager. It is a great way to string together what are otherwise unrelated segments, and the film makers have actually taken the time to put different credits and styles to each program. Think of it as a porn version of SCTV. Fans of full-breasted babes will flip for this one, which is stacked to overflowing with the natural assets of its come-hither cuties. Most of these performers only showed up in a handful of flicks, so this one also offers a nice chance to glimpse a selection of the best that late 70s-early 80s porn had to offer. Baby Sue Young pulls out all the stops in a delirious kitchen encounter with a door-to-door shaver salesman, and Lauren Hart and Tina turn in a white-hot lesbian romp in a spider web in two of the flicks hottest scenes. Fun and feverish.



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