Play Me Again Vanessa (1986)

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Description: Tim McDonald was a minor league Golden Age porn director who arrived on the scene with a bang (sorry about that one !) with 1982’s excellent TALK DIRTY TO ME 2 which also introduced a waiting world to the fickle talents of soon to become one man woman Bridgette Monet. Though credited to “(Colonel) Robert E. Freeman”, a pseudonym more commonly associated with the film’s producer David Friedman, the following year’s equally fine ALEXANDRA was also helmed by McDonald and that’s where most carnal critics draw the line as far as career highlights are concerned. While later titles like BLONDE HEAT and BEYOND DESIRE prove tired efforts with little to recommend them besides their star casts, this PLAY ME AGAIN, VANESSA actually stands out as an unheralded little gem that seemingly has it all : a funny story (loosely based on, as if you couldn’t guess, the Woody Allen/Diane Keaton romantic comedy classic PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM), fine acting from all the leads, solid production values and a good dose of scorching sex.



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