Play Only With Me (1976)

Starring: , , ,

Description: In “Play Only with Me,” we revisit the tried and true theme of the psycho bitch who attempts to ruin a guy’s life after a casual one-night stand. Most of you newbies know this gimmick from the yuppie angst classic Fatal Attraction, but the present porno is a hardcore homage to the 1971 Clint Eastwood shocker Play for Me (thus the slightly off-balance title bearing a vague resemblance to Eastwood’s film). A couple enters an ‘apartment’ (decorated in Holiday Inn contemporary). The guy, (an early outing for porn super-trooper Joey Silvera), offers the girl booze and mood music, but she is strangely indifferent. When Richard realizes that the chick, named Kris, is carrying a gun in her handbag, he gets a bit concerned. His worries melt away, however, as soon as they start to screw. Kris, who has a tomboyish quality, turns out to have a bitchin’ ass and a nicely proportioned rack and the pair make it in a few positions to the strains of some kind of hippy bluegrass hoedown on the soundtrack.



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