Playthings (1979)

Starring: , , , , , , , ,

Description: From some time in a galaxy not too far off stems Dork, within an intergalactic assignment of the entire world, Neon. The Neonites are discovering strange instincts from the top layer of our earth Earth. After Drok zeros in on the way to obtain biological instincts, he’s faced with the literary, Cindy, and her ultra-sophisticated digital dildo. Dork is confused by her own indulgence with this particular electronic mail reports and replacement back to Neon. Dork’s superiors are as he’s and teach him to explore this odd Earth habit. Dork and Cindy swiftly become exceptionally enthusiastic about the gaps of their civilizations and Cindy gives Dork a crashcourse in Earthly sensual habits. Always keen to help a horny mysterious, Cindy arranges for Dork to match with her friend Marge, a voluptuous California knock-out in Marin County. Marge and her buddies indulge Dork from terrestial joys beginning with Combine Dork along with Cindy and the remainder of these audience for the sci fi sex-capade of this century saturated in oral sexual and also cosmic threesomes!



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