Pussycat Ranch (1978)

Starring: , (as Colleen Anderson), , , , , , (as Joey Civera), (as Richard Bolla), , (as Allstyne Von Busch), .

Description: The rough life of the western cowboy was dirty in more ways than one. And how better to ease the pains and problems of a round up than at the whoopin’est, hootin’est, whorein’est cathouse in the west – Pussycat Ranch! That’s right, an entire layout of voluptuous vixens eager to please their men in every imaginable way. And when the star pussycat of them all, Sweet Polly, gets ahold of Billy The Kid, well, you’ll just have to watch it to find out! From haystack to four-poster, at PUSSYCAT RANCH the action never quits!


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