Satin Suite (1979)

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Description: Sandra (Heather Young) a beautiful young model, comes to ‘Eighteen Magazine’ for a job. In the Rothwell Empire that controls the magazine. Lauren Falconetti (Samantha Fox) is the top dog. But being the top dog in an office full of bitches is not enough for Lauren! She wants the whole thing. In her fight to climb to the ‘Satin Suite’, Lauren bites, scratches, and claws her way to the top! This film has a solid story line and several very erotic sex scenes to coincide with the story. One of the best of the bunch are Samantha and Bolla in a nasty, raunchy, down and dirty scene. Philip Drexler went on to make ‘A Scent of Heather’ and ‘Delicious’, and of his early work, ‘Satin Suite’ certainly stands out for its production value and excellent combination of story and sex!


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