Seven Good Women (1993)

Starring: Brittany O’Connell, , , , , ,

Description: Crystal Wilder is the foxy forewoman on a jury deliberating over a riveting criminal case in this torrid take-off on ’12 Angry Men.’ The defense and prosecution have wrapped up their cases, and now the fate of the defendant is in the hands of the jurors. Trouble is, the jurors are in each other’s arms. When the jury room doors close, these luscious ladies are thrown into a frenzy of unrestrained lesbian lust. They ignore the evidence and instead study each other’s supple, inviting frames. Lacey Rose really stands out, letting loose with one of her most unhinged carnal performances ever. The final all-girl group grope must be seen to be believed. The verdict? Guilty — of searing Sapphic sexuality!



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