Sex with a Stranger (1986)

Starring: , , , , , ,

Description: A girl with a fetish for sex with strangers uses a penis-shaped dildo and a poster of a naked hunk to fulfill her fantasy. Later, seven strangers including the girl, whose name turns out to be Joy, gather on a stormy night at a remote mansion after receiving a mysterious invitation, one half of a torn thousand dollar bill and the promise of a lucrative business opportunity. Trevor Fairbanks is a famous posh actor who needs a career boost, Priscilla Vogue is a famous fashion model always up for some sensual work, Sugar is a self proclaimed sugar baby always on the lookout for the next sugar daddy, Slick is a sleazy nickle and dime salesman who can’t resist hitting on each girl there and offering them his latest silly novelty items, Inspector #6 (whose name everyone keep getting wrong) is a clothing inspector and a sissy, who secretly enjoys women’s underwear, takes great pride in his work and dreams of becoming Inspector #1 one day, while Doctor Rivameter is seemingly just a stuck up …


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