Summer Lovers (1987)

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Description: This feature turns on the ever-popular notion of partner swapping. It’s a topic that never goes out of style in hardcore circles, since it offers a handy way to line up a bunch of sexy swingers and pair them off in a variety of carnal combos. The plot of this one finds a few couples deciding to spend the summer swinging, swapping partners and seeing what develops. What ends up developing is a more permanent switching of who is with whom. The whole thing is somewhat silly, but the sex itself shimmers with the unleashed sexual energy of some of the era’s most exciting performers. Janette Littledove shows off her tight little frame to fabulous effect, romping with her new partner with the ardor of the truly sex-crazed. Even more voracious is Siobhan Hunter, one of the era’s most enticing female leads. Siobhan’s mouthwatering curves and cover girl facial features provide all the erotic incentive that her partner needs to engage in all manner of sweaty fun. Even the lesser known lights among the cast turn in some outstanding work here, including a lusty tryst from Carolyn Connelly that will have you wondering whatever happened to this shapely strumpet. All in all, a quite satisfying little flick that still retains its heat at this remove.



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