Thrilling Drilling (1974)

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Description: BOBBY ASTYR is a dentist who specializes in giving his patients a Thrilling Drilling. “I guess she’ll get a filling, he quips as he unzips his fly…

But the plot takes off when the dentist is away. Then, two of his female patients – pretty gals with a penchant for using cocks as gum swabs – will play. Play “Dentist,” that is.

When ERIC EDWARDS comes in complaining of “hair in the throat” (from quim lapping), one of the darling dentists gives him a blowjob while he’s taking nitrous oxide through a mask.

MARC STEVENS arrives with a trollopy galfriend who complains that when she goes down on Marc’s ten-and-a-half-inch knockwurst, her “jaw goes out of whack.” This is promptly confirmed by girlfriend and “dentist” together, while Stevens is the soul of nonchalant narcissism, chewing gum and smirking throughout the sexual shenanigans that ensue.

More cavities are filled here than you can shake a stick at. Especially a stick ten and a half inches long!



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