V The Hot One (1977)

Starring: Annette Haven, , Desiree West, Laurien Dominique, , , Amber Phillips, Sandi Pinney, , , , , Tom Lee, , , , , Joey Siverno, Ray Wells

Description: A Whirlwind Sexual Trip From The Top Of Society To The Bottom!! Starring the stunning Annette Haven as “V”, the film follows her transition from housewife to a successful young attorney to high priced call girl, to cheap street whore extraordinaire. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, dingy skid row hotel rooms, “V” and her companions lead us through ever facet of sensual expression. You’ll follow her from her home to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionaires, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.



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